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The Company and The Founder

M3 PR is a boutique communication firm established in 1994 by Melek Manisalı. The company’s mission is to deliver custom made strategic communication plans and meet the unique needs of its clients.

M3 PR has achieved great success early on as a pioneer of the communications industry in Turkey. The company has started serving the leading national and international companies as of the early years of its establishment.

In 2005, M3 founder Mrs. Manisalı was awarded the best businesswoman in PR sector by DUNYA, the leading financial newspaper.

Mrs. Manisalı is a member of IPRA (International Public Relations Association) since 1994 and served on the board of directors between 2005-2009.

Mrs. Manisalı is serving as a board member of IDA (Communication Consultancies Association of Turkey ) and ICCO since 2017.

Melek Manisalı

Melek Manisalı

Melek Manisalı

Founder, President

Company Culture

  • As human beings, it is our responsibility to work towards improving social, economic, and environmental conditions of others in order to shape a better future for our planet. Also, a great deal of responsibility falls on to the business world to achieve these ideals. Sustainability approach is not a choice but an obligation for companies.
  • At M3 PR, we work with our clients to adopt a sustainable approach to all aspects of their businesses, from production to supply chain and even further on to their internal relations. A responsible approach constitutes the core of all our communication and action plans.
  • In order to contribute to the Corporate Social Responsibility of our clients, we cooperate with NGOs on a continuous basis to support such issues as gender equality, women empowerment and environmental preservation.
  • Diversity has been at the core of our company culture since day one. Working as a team where the diverse backgrounds of Turkish population is represented has always allowed us to effortlessly evaluate different perceptions of our communication efforts.